Managed 4G Wireless Solutions for Enterprise Applications


Primary Connectivity

4GWireless goes where wired technologies can’t. Whether your network challenge is infrastructure, security, or bandwidth, Velocity: CellCast can deliver a high-bandwidth, secure connection to over 99% of North America. And we can get your network up and running quickly. Our typical lead-time from first call to having a managed router in place and running is less than a week! Download the Golden Corral Case Study PDF.

Managed Failover

On average, companies in the U.S. experience network outages five times per month — that’s 60 periods of downtime each year! More shockingly, 56% reported having no formal network backup plan in place. These outages cost over $700 billion per year. Imagine how much productivity and revenue you’d save if you had a reliable, cost-effective business continuity solution? If your company is one of the 56% without a continuity solution, Velocity: CellCast can solve your network backup problem. Download the Wireless Retail Connectivity PDF.

Velocity: Cellcast business continuity network diagram


Carrier Neutral

Velocity: CellCast’s business continuity solutions are unique in the telecom business in that CellCast is run completely independent of your primary network provider. Regardless of your carrier or current service level, we can implement a managed environment with wireless failover, ensuring that your network stays connected.


Velocity: CellCast uses wireless infrastructure from the major wireless carriers to fit the right technology and bandwidth to your existing infrastructure.

Easy Installation

Self-installation of Velocity: CellCast typically takes only a few minutes. CellCast routers ship fully configured for easy plug-and-play deployment. In more challenging networking environments, professional installation is also available. Download the Velocity: CellCast Network Connectivity Basics PDF.


Cradlepoint Solutions Partner

Velocity: CellCast is built around industry-leading Cradlepoint Wireless hardware. Around the world, Cradlepoint is the go-to hardware provider for the most robust and reliable solutions available.

Fully Managed Solutions

Turn Unmanaged Networks Into Managed Networks—Easily and Cost Effectively

Network management and monitoring is a key feature of VELOCITY: CellCast. Our advanced monitoring and control provide a true enterprise level service with 24/7 visibility of your network. This means that sites with connectivity or hardware issues can be immediately identified and resolved from our award winning Network Operations Center.

Award Winning, 24x7x365 Network Operations Center

Velocity: CellCast engineers keep a steady eye on your network’s operation and we do it 365 days a year. World class, enterprise grade monitoring keeps your network operating optimally.

Real-Time Alerts

If there are certain network criteria you need to track, Velocity: CellCast has you covered. Our system allows you to specify the types of status updates that are applicable to your network.

Automated Reporting

CellCast reports offer as much or as little information as you need to keep your stakeholders happy. Reporting is accurate and automated so you can count on it.


Pricing for Velocity: CellCast includes everything you need to increase the reliability and visibility of your network. It includes all hardware, network monitoring and alerts, and reporting for your network. Pricing is based on two-year term and the hardware is fully warrantied.


Over 25 Years of Enterprise Communications Solutions

Velocity: Cellcast is brought to you by Microspace Communications.  For over 25 years, organizations of all sizes have trusted Microspace with their communication needs including such industry heavyweights as Morgan Stanley, Abercrombie + Fitch, McDonald’s, Golden Corral and Bank of America.

Value Added Services for Enterprise Networks

Successful enterprise networks are multi-faceted endeavors. We understand that and offer a wide range of value added services.

Specializing in Managed Networks

Building a strong technical solution and fully managing a network are two unique tasks. Microspace understands this and excels at both.

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